OSU Active Learning Center

Active Learning Classroom

Purpose: Utilize a different teaching method by engaging the students in the learning process, by group activities and interactive processes.

Technology Highlights:

  • Each table (pod) has its own display to collaborate on, with a HDMI cable for direct connectivity or a wireless BYOD device that the entire table can share content on.
  • Multiple array microphone at each table allows the entire room to converse freely during Q&A discussions. Overhead speakers allow for speech reinforcement, so the entire room can hear everyone.
  • Instructor’s Podium has the same connectivity that each table has, as well as a document camera.
  • Wireless microphones enable the instructor the freedom to move about the room, interacting directly with individual students while being heard by all.

Skills Lab

Purpose: An instructor can show practical applications to students.

Technology Highlights:

  • 82” display cluster allows for viewing anywhere in the space
  • Multiple cameras around the stage allows for any camera shot, angle, zoom to show full details of the presentation
  • The instructor has a document camera and connections at the podium for portable devices.
  • Wireless microphones for sound reinforcement.
OSU skills lab
OSU lecture hall

Lecture Hall

Purpose: Traditional space for the instructor to present to groups of 100+ at one time through discourse and visual presentation

Technology Highlights:

  • A Large screen at the front of the room, as well as 82” display on the front wall as well as midway back, allow the presenter to show a slide presentation as well as video or cameras.
  • Cameras in the space allow the student to see the presenter better. As well as allowing distance learning, with the audience cameras being triggered by microphone logic.
  • Wireless microphone for the presenter and microphones in the space allow for the entire room to interact, as well as hear and speak to the remote sites.
  • The instructor has a document camera and connections at the podium for portable devices.